We are looking for someone who...

Is a master of story, leads with passion, is a catalyst for innovation and creativity, and is ready to take ATB’s marketing efforts to the next level.

Are you the right fit?

Jumbo shrimp. Rock opera. Genuine imitation. Some might put the combination of "financial institution" with "spectacular marketing opportunity" on that list of oxymorons. Not ATB Financial. We're blasting the boring out of the banking business (check out our latest NHL hockey ads) and offering the perfect candidate the most sensational marketing position in Canada.

ATB has a 75 year history and a bold dream. Not one of those typical vision statements posted on the wall, but an actual dream: To change our world by putting people first and making dreams come true. Your capacity for invention and your eagerness to surprise and delight will ensure that dream lives and breathes among our 660,000 customers. You will join a big company – if $32 billion in assets and 5,300 employees qualifies as big – with small-company values: the ability to make decisions and act quickly, access to people when you need them, leaders who listen and laugh, the opposite of what you'd think of a typical bank.

ATB is focused solely on Alberta and boasts four thriving lines of business. Job #1 is to deeply understand what makes those businesses tick, what makes ATB different from the competition, and what we can do to get more and more customers to consider banking with ATB. You'll be joined at the hip with a creative team including ATB's own graphic designers and web wizards, social media junkies and communications pros. You'll be uniquely poised to harness ATB's marketing muscle not only from our corporate team but in all four lines of business with the ultimate goal of helping ATB become #1 in the markets we're in.

Your reputation is stellar and that shows in your track record of success. You're an outstanding communicator and an even better leader. You understand everything there is to know about marketing, but you're able to set all that aside because you know "marketing" isn't just marketing anymore. The days of rolling out a slick advertising campaign then sitting back waiting for reams of customers to show up are gone. Today's marketing successes come from being nimble (think about the Oreo cookies response to the Super Bowl blackout) … simple ideas executed brilliantly.

You know a good brand when you see one, but understand "brand" is less about fancy logos and slogans and more about what people think and feel about your company. You don't preach, you influence people – especially leaders in the company – through your ability to listen, inspire and pitch a great idea. You're a good person who'll fit right in to ATB's culture. Alberta intrigues and inspires you. You're funny – or at least you can laugh in the right place. Like the oxymoron thing.

Creative Accomplishments

We set the bar high. As a Reputation and Brand team, we're guided by a manifesto: Together, we do outrageously good work that earns us the right to lead, partner, dare and inspire.

It's not all about the hardware... but...

Advertising Club of Edmonton Award (ACE)

ACE AWARD - Non-Traditional or Guerilla
ACE AWARD - Radio Series
ACE AWARD - Radio Single

How Design

Financial Merit Award

Canadian Agri-Marketing Association Awards (CAMA)

CAMA AWARD - Total Campaign $100,000 or less
CAMA AWARD - Single Ad Any Size Four Colour
CAMA AWARD - Point of Purchase Material

North American Marketing Association (NAMA)

NAMA AWARD - Single Ad

Apply Now

Sound like something for you? If it is, we want to meet you, start a conversation, see if you're the right fit. Since this is a position in marketing, we are asking for more than just a traditional application.

So this is what we'd like from you:

  1. Your resume
  2. Your pitch - please submit a video (or other medium) that demonstrates your ability to pitch an idea. We are not looking for big production here, just a sampling!
  3. Your written word - please submit a piece of work that will show case your creativity, your ability to persuade and your writing style

We can be reached by emailing cmorris@atb.com.